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RUMORS: Filmmaker Ethan Coen was recently reported to have enjoyed The Cherry Blossoms' anthem "Glow Jesus Glow" at a porch party in Franklin, Tennessee. They are repeatedly said to be Nashville's second best band.

Completely un-RECENT PRESS (all from The Nashville Scene because The Cherry Blossoms are too subversive - or just aren't good enough - to make the local daily):

April 6, 2000 (Best of Nashville issue)

True, it's not a venue open to the public, but the Zaccheo house is a lot more welcoming than your typical rock club. People hang out in the kitchen, stand around on the back porch, or make themselves at home in the living room, outfitted with a PA for these semi-regular occasions. In my experience, live music is never better than when it's being played in someone's house - the close quarters make everything sound so immediate. And the bands who've passed through the Zaccheo's home represent some of Nashville's best, most unheralded talent: From Shotgun Annie's powerful blooze to the mighty, assaultive Trauma Team to the terse aggro-punk of the Hissy Fits to the sublime, freewheeling folk of the Cherry Blossoms, the range of styles is broad. All these musicians are unified, however, by the communal spirit that flows freely throughout the house. In short, these events represent everything great about the local music scene. J.M.

March 23, 2000
Rolling on the River

... It bears noting, though, that many of the coolest acts in last year's fest weren't announced until the last minute, and River Stages has a track record of mixing some hip and adventurous stuff in and amongst the...well, the Bryan Adamses. We'd love to see River Stages go after the likes of Patti Smith, Tom Waits, or Beck - and why stop there? How about longtime Louis Prima bandleader Sam Butera, grungy bluesman T-Model Ford, teen hard-rockers The Donnas, country classicists Ray Price and Wanda Jackson, alt-country songstress Kelly Hogan, or Ibrahim Ferrer, Ruben Gonzalez, and any of the touring Buena Vista Social Club artists? As for local residents, our mouths would water at the prospect of Amy Rigby, Tracy Nelson, Josh Rouse, the Carter Administration, Hank Williams III, the Cherry blossoms, Kool Daddy Fresh, Phil Lee, Sub-Method, Cigarette Break Revue, or the Rev. Asher Dudley filling out the festival lineup.... -Jim Ridley

same issue, 8 Days Picks

This bill of unhinged, Dionysian music should make for a fun Saturday evening out of Bean Central on West End. Unclassifiable, sprawling folk collective The Cherry Blossoms have been sounding better than ever lately, and they'll be perfectly complemented by dancer Aja, who performs with a candelabra on her head, and the Perfumed Garden ensemble, who offer Middle Eastern-flavored music and dance.

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