T.V. or not T.V.? That is the Question

Sitting in front of the T.V. eating some food
Many scenes on the screen seem so rude
Be it violent news or a rerun
Television isn't always chock full of fun
Single sit-com mamas
Gripping hospital dramas
Crazy cartoon comedies
Depictions of sappy homilies
Crime and police investigation
Courtrooms and lots of litigation
Endless "movie classics"
Iceskating and gymnastics
Examinations of the supernatural
Some fabrication some of it actual
Celebrities endorsing products
From running shoes to pick-up trucks
Instant replays and sports galore
Players' incomes increase more and more
There's still various game shows
There's information you don't want to know
Gruesome and disturbing newscasts
Shows about the future and the past
Sweeping generalization and personal things
advertisements for tampons with wings
Talk shows with sordid stories straight from the tabloids
These are among the shows I try to avoid
A window to the world at your fingertips
The boob tube, the idiot box tightens its grip
There's more than one meaning of the words "remote control"
The scenes on the screen can upset or console
So many shows seemingly cut from the same cloth
Maybe the best way to watch is with the T.V. turned off.

Allen Lowrey -- Dec 99, Jan 00

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