Personal Christmas Tradition

I have my own personal Christmas tradition
I spend the entire month of December wishin'
That I could avoid the holiday season
Do I need to tell you the reason?

When I go to shop I can't find a spot
I keep driving around the parking lot
There's too many people at the mall
Crowding and rushing to buy it all

Then there's the folks saying "Be of good cheer!"
That's not their attitude eleven months of the year
They spend all their time looking out for themselves
Without even a thought to Santa and his elves

I apologize if I sound like a scrooge
But it's hard to forget when the bills are so huge
I probably sound jaded and cynical
Perhaps I should become more rabbinical

Maybe I could join the Jehovah's Witnesses
I don't think they even celebrate Christmas

Allen Lowrey -- 1996

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