1207 Paris Ave. Apartments A & B

The landlord comes and says "Move out of your duplex"
Well John, where you gonna live next?
Hey John Allingham they want you to scram!
You needed a lawyer so you called your stepdad
He said "John you can't be had!"
"As long as you have a lease agreement
you don't have to follow their decreement"

They got your neighbors to move out
But that was just round one in this bout
Now their gonna remodel and refurbish, too
They don't care how much it disturbs you
Hey John Allingham, they don't give a damn
They're trimming the brush and putting up a fence
What's next? Are they gonna raise the rent?

Something's got to give hey John where you gonna live?
Things are going from bad to worse to terrible
They're trying to make living conditions unbearable
Soon they'll start knocking down the walls
I bet they think they've got you by the balls
That money hungry landlord wants you out of his duplex
Hey John, where you gonna live next?

Allen Lowrey

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