My Parents Disappeared

My mom and dad's next door neighbor called me last night
She said I don't want you to worry or put you in a fright
But we just noticed that your parents' front door was standing open
There's probably nothing wrong, we are hopin'
But there's newspapers piled in the driveway
Accumulated for a couple of days

I pictured all sorts of sordid scenes
Out of proportion to my wildest dreams
The neighbor said they were kind of afraid to enter the premises
Apprehensive of finding something amiss
He did go in and found both of their cars in the garage
My brain imagined an unseemly collage

One of my first thoughts was that they had taken a trip
I called my brother, but he could tell me zip
He said have the neighbors go in the house to check out the trouble
But I figured it was my family duty to drive there on the double
So there I was, going seventy down the interstate
My mind reeling off things I would need to investigate

When I got to the house, I found nothing disturbed
But my parents were missing it left me perturbed
My brother had called my sister and aunt to see if they went visiting to Memphis
He obviously alarmed them when he told them all about this
I talked to the neighbors, Dee Dee and Steve
They usually inform them when they plan to leave

I called my brother to give him a progress report
Informing him that there was nothing out of sorts
Looking out the window, I saw the police were there
My aunt had called from Memphis to have them check out the affair
I talked to the officer and told him everything was okay
He seemed satisfied and I sent him on his way

I couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong
I just had to know where they had gone
I phoned their preacher, their square dance buddy and his boss
But for clues to their whereabouts they were at a loss
I managed to worry everyone I talked to
But in a similar situation what would you do?

While talking to my brother for the fourth time that night
We tried to reassure each other that everything was alright
I answered a knock at the door and did a double take
My parents were arriving from an overnight trip to Reelfoot Lake
They had gone with some friends at the spur of the moment
Never realizing they would cause such an event

They had called the neighbors, but couldn't reach them by phone
They tried to tell them in person, but they were not home
So they left on their trip without telling anyone
Hell, they were just out having some fun!
They each blamed the other for not closing the door
I guess this is just another fable in the family folklore

Allen Lowrey -- 2/1/98

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