Oh No! Kosovo

Oh no! Here we go into Kosovo
Will we be stuck there like Velcro?
Intervening in the name of NATO
We're bombarded by info on T.V. and radio
They show us amazing scenes of the air strikes
And thousands of refugees taking a hike
There are enough ethnic Albanians
To fill up several stadiums

Cruise missiles, stealth bombers such a show of force
Will smart bombs make Slobodan show remorse?
He just continues his systematic campaign
More ethnic cleansing, is he deranged?

There's those three P.O.W.'s I should mention
Is their detention against the Geneva Convention?
We hear talk of sending millions in humanitarian aid
And in the next breath they talk about bombing Belgrade

Will this be another Vietnam?
Maybe you should ask Slobodan
Or the paramilitary leader Arkan
Or president Clin-ton

Allen Lowrey -- April 1999

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