Christmas at Harding Mall

A couple of weeks ago I had my truck worked on
I got a front end alignment at the Firestone
I went to the Harding Mall location
Soon it was the scene of my aggravation
The mechanic said I had three hours to wait
I decided to Christmas shop before it got too late
If you've never been to Harding Mall
It doesn't take long to see it all

The record store didn't have what I was looking for
Their musical variety was piss poor
I went to look around at Walgreen's
I bought some Chap-stick and magazines
I walked over to use the pay phone
None of the people I called were at home
Next I dined on fried rice and an eggroll
They put my soup in a styrofoam bowl

I saw lots of women wearing holiday sweaters
I wished I was at home writing letters
I registered for a one thousand dollar shopping spree
I even gave my number so they could call me
At the clothing store it was no surprise
That I found nothing interesting in my size
At the bookstore I perused the greeting cards
Until I got funny looks from a security guard
In a couple of stores I looked at shoes
There was nothing there that I could use
There was a place where you could have your photo taken with Santa
He told me he wished he'd stayed in Atlanta

Allen Lowrey -- 1992

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